Despite all the attempts at obfuscation and misdirection as to the causes of the American Civil War we all know now that slavery indeed was the primary issue that drove the debates and acrimony throughout Congress and the nation and eventually ’caused the War. Fearing the spread of slavery throughout the newly acquired territories much heated debates took place in Washington leading to compromises and accommodations to defuse the situation. Legislative agreements such as the Missouri Compromise, the Kansas-Nebraska Act and the Wilmot Proviso were only stop-gap measures that slowed but not stopped the inexorable descent into outright war. Later the seven debates between Lincoln and Stephen Douglas high-lighted the issue of slavery and alerted the South as to Lincoln’s intentions should he become president.


Whenever  I am asked if the American Civil War  could have been prevented I emphatically reply that it could have and should have been prevented. I base this assertion on the simple foundation that has been laid before us in the opening sentence of the Declaration of Independence:

“When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another”etc.

This original declaration asserted the fundamental right of the Colonists to declare their freedom from the tyranny of Britain! But when the South espoused similar rights Lincoln was careful to avoid and ignore these profound philosophical concepts. Instead the devious and duplicitous attorney/politician focused the nation’s on the sanctity of the Union as man’s last great hope for American democracy and the nation’s integrity. He thus concentrated the nation’s energies into the carnage that we know as the American Civil War in order to “save the Union”,and the nation swallowed it hook, line and sinker!

I conclude that the South should have been allowed to state  their own Declaration of Independence, to go their own way to form a society of like-minded peoples free from oppression by the North!


The Impact of Harriet Beecher Stowe

No other book had so dramatic an effect on the American consciousness, and consciences on the American psyche nor on American History as Harriet Beecher Stowe’s epoch-making novel, Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Abraham Lincoln’s famous welcome to Stowe upon her visit to the White House, “So this is the lady who wrote that book that made this great war” attributes to her the major impact upon the nation’s guilt that eventually led to that great conflagration, the Civil War. Throughout her life she repeatedly asserted that God had written this famous novel, and that she was merely his amanuensis. She declared that Uncle Tom’s martyrdom came to her one day in church. Instead of all the world nodding knowingly, where were the Christian scholars who should have been shouting “Blasphemy”! God would have most assuredly disavowed any connection with such a preposterous secular production masquerading as a Christian epistle, a work that, however well-intentioned, galvanized the nation into hostile warring camps killing each other in the name of God. Had she not read the Ten Commandments? As a daughter of a minister, a sister of two, and the wife of yet another, she shows an abysmal lack of knowledge of the Bible, or was it a deliberate effort to ignore the Bible in order to achieve this propaganda coup?

Her book purports to give readers an honest glimpse of plantation life as she herself observed in Kentucky as if it were typical of the whole South. It is “about” characters we can identify with and who inhabited a world the reader considers to be socially, politically, and economically true to life. In truth her scenes are overdrawn exaggerations—maudlin sentimentality masquerading as truth. We see the unspeakable cruelty, oppressions, and sufferings inflicted upon nature’s children by all the Southerners depicted as vicious and evil slave traders, overseers, and owners. Time and again she would return to her major theme—slavery was an abomination and sin against God—a fact that cannot be supported by the Bible.

In my opinion it was not an honest presentation of the reality of human experience. It was moreover a distortion by the overdrawn scenes deliberately designed to portray Southern whites in the worst possible light, as irredeemably corrupt and evil and the saintly slaves enduring the lash from their masters. Her scenes full of moral passion appeal to the soft compassionate nature of man’s character and are the most powerful emotional portrayals against slavery. Tearful scenes, maudlin sentimentality trump dispassionate arguments to the contrary. Uncle Tom’s Cabin is the most powerful and most enduring work of art ever written with its images seared into the brain; it is a work that psychologically manipulates human emotions to cry out against this foul assault on humanity—slavery.

It is in a class by itself, and because it moved the nation to a fever pitch eventuating in the slaughter of over 1,000,000 Americans, qualifying it as the greatest case of fratricide ever, elevates the book as the most successful piece of propaganda ever devised by man. It must have been the envy of the second most successful propagandist, Joseph Goebbels.

In the philosophical debate of good and evil, the question arises what is more evil, the existence of slavery, or the deliberate slaughter of Americans to end slavery?



Is Slavery a Sin?

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The early years of America reveal the settlers to supposedly be a very religious group of people. In hectoring the slave owners incessantly and vehemently about the evils of slavery they went so far as to declare it a sin I.e. an “offender against God”! In doing so they reveal either a woeful ignorance of the Bible, which is surprising, or a deliberate effort to mislead their listeners, for in perusing the Bible, as I have quoted in my book, chapter and verse, there can be found no support for such an assertion!

Characteristically virtually each and every reference to slavery pleads with those involved, both slave owners and slaves, to respectfully get along with each other as well as they can despite the unusual circumstances. Without letup, the incessant attacks by the Abolitionists persuaded the Nation, but especially it’s leaders, to press forward to commit the greatest crime of the nineteenth century that  America has ever seen I.e. the prosecution of the American Civil War and, secondly, the masterful cover-up!

History books reveal to us that slavery has been a natural component throughout the world from the dawn of civilization, and exploded to flourish under the Egyptian, Greek and Roman Civilizations. Modern news media now tell us that slavery still exists in various forms e.g. Sex trafficking, in the twenty-first century. Many still categorize slavery as undeniably evil. One writer, whose name escapes me at the moment, merely stated it to be “a sad component of the human condition”. I persist in asserting most strenuously, based on the above, that slavery is not a sin or an offense against God!


Lincoln and the Lie that he was

As a lawyer and a perennial political wannabe these facts alone should have disqualified Abraham Lincoln from being portrayed as a secular saint as all the sycophantic historians have done. As a clever circuit-court riding attorney, time after time after time he carefully crafted his argumentation by a step by step method leading the judge and jury to his logical conclusion. So too in all his public speeches, especially those public orations justifying his extreme measures required to subdue the reluctant South. As a Pied Piper of Hamlin he magically led the North down the path of the greatest case of fratricide the world has ever seen…750,000 dead soldiers, North and South,…the greatest crime of the nineteenth century!

Although every one seems to have known, and especially those of the South, that the issue of slavery was the paramount cause of the conflict with the South, Abraham Lincoln was careful not to mention this in all his Presidential speeches. If the border states of Missouri,Maryland and Kentucky had realized that he would free their slaves Lincoln felt certain they would align themselves with  the secessionists of the South. He knew it would prove virtually impossible to defeat the South with these three states in opposition.

Plagiarizing Andrew Jackson’s noble, but determined sentence “The Union shall and must be preserved” Lincoln  repeatedly used  it to convince the Nation of the dire consequences if this were not followed. The ensuing carnage that we blithely refer to as the American Civil War would therefore be presented to the Nation as justifiable homicide in order to free four million slaves!

That he ignored and virtually trashed the Declaration of Independence, in my humble opinion, is indisputable, for in it are the seeds of liberty and ideas of self-determination that propelled the Colonies to rebel and secede from Britain (and for Texas to secede from Mexico).

Therefore I conclude that Abraham Lincoln was not one of our greatest presidents. The bodies of 750,000 dead soldiers, out of sight but not out of mind, are a sad testament to the blood-thirsty nature of a brutal megalomaniac….Abraham Lincoln!


The Lie That is Lincoln

The Lie that is Lincoln, Civil War, Dr. MiklosikThe Lie That is Lincoln, describes the unnecessary actions of Abraham Lincoln in causing and pursuing the greatest crime of the nineteenth century…the American Civil War, and secondly it’s cover-up by his cabinet and the subsequent sycophantic historians.

My extensive reading on the Civil War and visiting the Gettysburg battlefield left me aghast as to the  number of soldiers, the cream of American manhood,were sacrificed and wasted upon the numerous battlefields…750,000 plus, more dead than all American wars combined. Yet all the historians pass this off as justifiable homicide,and a small price to pay to achieve emancipation for  four million slaves. To me this is sheer blasphemy!

According to the Philosophical principles espoused by such notables as Jean Jacques Rousseau, John Locke, Thomas Hobbes etc., the Thirteen Colonies claimed their natural right to their liberty and self-determination. The Declaration of Independence,beginning “When in the Course of human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the Political Bands which have connected them with another”etc., says it all! but when the South had the audacity to declare these same fundamental rights for themselves  an enraged Lincoln denied it to them thereby plunging the nation into the worst case of fratricide the world has ever seen through his scorched-earth policy. Using the subterfuge and clever battle-cry “The Nation must be preserved” the devious Lincoln conned the nation into crushing the South.




The Lie That Is Lincoln *by Stephen Miklosik, M.D.

The Lie That Is Lincoln
By Stephen Miklosik, M.D.

With over six hundred thousand people dead- more casualties than all American wars combined- was the American Civil War justifiable? Or was it the worst case of fratricide America has ever seen?
Author Stephen Miklosik, M.D invites you to reexamine the bloodiest war of the United States and the impact of the president’s decisions to thousands of lives through The Lie That Is Lincoln.